Le Clos de la Garenne


Puyravault's history

2,000 years ago, Puyravault was a Gallo-Roman village on a wooden hill surrounded by rich fields and vineyards. When the Romans invaded "Gaule", this village offered a good place of resistance with its wood and its little hill : that's why they called it "Podium Rebelli" which was to become "Puyraveau" then "Puyravault" later.

In the very heart of it, "la Garenne" has been standing for centuries. In the Middle-Age, it has been the hunting and wood preserve of the Prior living in the Priory close to the antic church.  This Priory was founded in 1,040 next to the Pre-Romanesque church (VIII-IXth century).  Both buildings still exist in spite of various modifications.  During 700 years, the Priors have been the Lords of Puyravault. 

The manor house of "la Garenne" was first a simple hunting lodge then a farm built from 1,650 -for the known story- ; then it was extended 3 times in later periods and while its various owners were getting richer (what we are not ! Definitely !).

After the French revolution, the property was sold to a family of farmers ; they developed the vineyard and the spirit making and trading. The golden age was the time of Audry de Puyraveau. But from the 1,880's the vineyard was destroyed by phylloxera ; the 500 ha estate was sold by pieces until the 1,970's when the house itself, an outbuilding and "only" 4 remaining ha were sold 2 times by Audry's descendants. During 11 years, an energic man restored it with passion and good taste ; when he died suddenly, the property felt asleep for 7 years until we woke it up to settle down (at last !) and open it to you...

This nice looking village is very proud of its two famous characters :

Ozanne ACHON, one of the first woman to emigrate to Canada in 1,657. There, she met another French emigrant, Pierre TREMBLAY, and now their 190,000 descendants represent one of the biggest family in Quebec with its association, web site etc...
Pierre-François AUDRY de Puyraveau lived in La Garenne  before being elected Deputy of Rochefort from year 1,822.  Great human and politic man, he always cared of the people and the republic and sacrified his personal fortune to his ideas. He was also a friend of Général LAFAYETTE (whose ship "L'Hermione" is being reconstructed in Rochefort - the shipbuilding yard can be visited).
He was very active during the 1,830 3 days Revolution against the monarchy and finished his political carreer as President of the "Assemblée Constituante" in 1,848 then died in 1,852.

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